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Focused energy through the core muscle base will be activated to promote stronger, balanced stability. Expect a hearty abdominal workout, while twisting into positions possible only in the water, to challenge your body and your core. You’ll be amazed at the results.


Using the multi-dimensional properties of the water, this class is designed to stretch, strengthen and promote total relaxation of the body and mind. Fluid motion will blend one movement smoothly into the next, allowing the body to lengthen from the inside out.  Ideal for core strength, posture, breathing and balance needed for everyday activities. 


A variety of powerful moves will help get your heart rate up and your body toned down!  This high intensity class will include cardiovascular exercises and muscle toning, working all muscle groups in pairs for the ultimate balanced workout.  Bring it on!


Take the benefits of H2O Optimum and add hand held buoys for that extra drive.  Get ready to use all of your muscle groups as these powerful moves push you to the next level.  By changing the gravity/buoyancy equation mid way through we promote core strength while overcoming the buoyant properties of the water. 


This high-energy class utilizes power moves, interval training, and plyometrics.  Change the workout by adding a variety of equipment and we’ve created a workout that will work for you. 

Pool Temperature

Lap Pool is 78 – 82° F

Warm Water Pool is 84 – 88° F

Children under 14 must have an adult in the water.  Children must be toilet trained or wear a swim diaper.


A great alternative – get all the benefits achieved from land based exercise and running without the impact.  Using the Aqua Runners in deep water, we combine powerful moves to optimize cardiovascular and muscular conditioning. Expect the added water resistance to increase your calorie burn.  You’ll tone your body from head to toe and ‘zero’ in on a new way to exercise.

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