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This is a great place to start or to build endurance. A focus on some of the fundamentals of cycling, such as proper bike set up, will help you get a great ride. Options will be given to increase the workout as needed, making this ride appropriate for everybody. Don’t forget a towel and a water bottle for this great cardio workout!


Cycle features three types of riding, regular, rhythmic and athletic, with a focus on speed, strength and endurance to get your heart pounding and the sweat pouring. The class is appropriate for all levels, as your resistance is adjusted manually by you. Don’t forget a towel and a water bottle as we guarantee you will need them for this cardio workout!


This intense ride is guaranteed to take it to the next level! Not only will you get the benefits of a great ride, but we will exit the bike to add strength training to your workout. If you’re looking for a new challenge, this class is perfect for you.

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