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Jordan Criddle

Personal Trainer

Jordan Criddle

Personal Trainer



Certified Personal Trainer – National Academy Of Sports Medicine


Strength and conditioning, reducing body fat, programming for athletes of all ages.  I specialize in creating tailored programs to help you achieve your goals whether that is building lean muscle, losing fat, or both.


Everyone has a story. As long as we are still on this earth then our story hasn’t ended. I want to help everyone that I work with reach their full potential as far as their mind and body goes! Health and fitness has totally transformed my life. It has made me a much more confident, outgoing, and discipline person. I went from being a person who said “I wish I could” to now saying “I will”. Everyone has that inside of them. As a trainer, I want to help others feel like the healthiest and strongest version of themselves.  Let’s Work!

Motivational Quote

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there”!