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Cheryl Branham

Personal Trainer

Cheryl Branham

Personal Trainer


Education and Certifications

Stephens College Bachelors – Education

University of Missouri Masters – Counseling Psychology

Personal Trainer – National Academy of Sports Medicine


I design programs to help with enhance daily functional movements and activities. The goal is to prevent injury, maintain mobility, improve flexibility and balance, as well as expand strength and endurance.


As we age, we prioritize our lives to care for our careers, ourselves and our families.  Remaining fit, many times, comes after that.  Many of us know that good nutrition and regular exercise will keep us healthy, but we just seem to run out of time or energy. At some point, most of us realize that the time has come to get in shape and stay healthy.   I want to inspire others, whatever age or shape they are in to get and stay fit.   I hope to meet each client where they are and develop a fitness program to help them become stronger, more flexible and energized, and have fun in the process.

Motivational Quote

“The challenge for us lies not in motivating people, but in building an environment where motivated people are willing to make a maximum contribution.”