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Chris Branham

Fitness Director

Chris Branham

Fitness Director


Education and Certifications

University of Kansas Bachelors in Motivational Psychology

Personal Trainer – National Academy of Sports Medicine

Performance Enhancement Specialist – National Academy of Sports Medicine

Corrective Exercise Specialist – National Academy of Sports Medicine

CrossFit Level 1 Coach


I specialize in providing the professional assistance (Education, Motivation, and Accountability) needed to help create good habits leading to permanent lifestyle changes by customizing individual plans with regards to: Nutrition, Cardio, Vitamins/Supplement recommendations, and Resistance and Flexibility training. Whether your goal is to lose body fat, to gain strength and muscle, to correct poor posture and alleviate pain, become a better athlete, or just to live a healthier lifestyle, I can help you.


For anything to become a part of your lifestyle you have to enjoy it. I believe this is especially true when it comes to nutrition and exercise. It doesn’t matter how good it is for you, if you don’t enjoy doing it, it will only be temporary. I will create workouts that are challenging enough to get you results, but fun enough that you will want to make fitness a permanent part of your lifestyle.