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Terry Gann

Assistant Fitness Director

Terry Gann

Assistant Fitness Director


Education and Certifications

Emporia State University Bachelors in Exercise Science and minor in Biology

Personal Trainer – American Council on Exercise

Lifestyle and Weight Management Certified

Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Health and Wellness Specialist

BOSU Balance Trainer Certified

Active Elderly Adult Certified

Partner Assisted Stretch Certified

Small Apparatus Certified

Bodybuilding/Figure Competition Qualified


I’ve been an active trainer in the fitness field for over 9 years and my vast experience has afforded me the title of Master Trainer. I have serviced over 15,000 sessions in the past nine years and have true passion for my career. I have a broad spectrum client base, from weight loss to muscle development, sport specific training for youth and adults, high blood pressure, medications, elderly and special needs. My true passion about fitness right now is bodybuilding. I am a two time competitor of the NANBF and also a fitness model. I train a specialized set of clients to achieve a special look to help them get stage ready. The specialties include on site coaching, pre-show and post-show prep, meal/supplementation prep, stage readiness/presentation, posing, and specific workout regimens.


Fitness is a huge part of my life. I want to be a tool for others to achieve the same success by finding a balance with nutrition and exercise. I also believe in making exercise fun but also challenging. Without challenge there’s no improvement. I believe in training for life and not just short term benefit. You need to stay focused on the big picture in order to develop a healthier lifestyle and enhance ones quality of life. My dedication to my clients is what makes me a good trainer but my client’s dedication to my program is what makes me a Master Trainer. If you have a goal(s), with hard work, motivation, the right support and tools, then WE can achieve it.